A chunky Savannah Brinson on the beach with Lebron James (above).

With Lebron James struggling mightily in the NBA Finals, a rumor has surfaced that his baby momma, Savannah Brinson, slept with Orlando Magic/Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis at some point this season when Orlando passed through South Beach.

Over the past two days, the Miami Heat star forward had to deal with scurrilous, Houston radio-based rumors about an affair involving his fiancee Savannah Brinson and Washington Wizards player Rashard Lewis.

Lewis denied those rumors Friday on the same Houston radio station — 97.9 The Box — adding he’s never even met Brinson.

“I have no idea,” Lewis said when asked why the rumors were circulating. “That’s what I’m trying to figure out. … Now I come home and I hear the same rumors. … Those rumors are 100 percent false. They’re not true. I don’t know how they came up.”

A day earlier, a host on that same Houston station reportedly claimed to have “a very reliable source” in the Orlando area, someone who was “all over the Tiger Woods issue” before it became public. This supposed source relayed word of a rumored tryst on South Beach between Brinson and Lewis, a former Orlando Magic player.


A word on all this, if we may.   Lebron James needs to play a lot better, regardless of whether or not this rumor is true.  His personal life is completely irrelevant.  How much hype can there be around a guy who can not seem to score in the half court?  We are not about to be hard on him, either, though we won’t hesitate to say that Brinson is sloppy looking and wonder why on earth such a star is into little fat chicks.  I mean, is the below picture not of some Oprah like slop?

James had the right to go to Miami and he made the right decision.  Obviously.  Does it suck to be him?  Let’s be real.  The guy is sitting pretty, rich as all hell, and on the verge of collecting a ring.  It does not suck to be him, even if this rumor is true, and we’d guess that it very well may be.  Who knows what, if anything, went on?  And for that matter, what choice does Lewis have but to deny this to the media?

This is not something one owns up to on radio, not even on Howard.  We also think the bit about Lewis reaching out to Lebron James’ stepdad sounds kind of stupid.  By our math, wouldn’t that be Delonte West, anyway?


The fact that these rumors are introduced, two years running, around James’ playoff struggles is extremely weak on the part of whomever is responsible for suggesting that James has a heavy head, and that’s why he plays poorly, when he plays poorly.  James is in a great position to win the championship.  All the Heat needs to do is hold serve.  But let’s face it.  He’s no Kobe Bryant.  He isn’t even the best player on his own team.  Yet.  But it should happen.  The kid is 26 and lives basketball.

Let’s not act all surprised if the guy is pussy whipped though.  I mean, he is a bit of a pussy.  He actually told the media last month that he felt drained due to a head cold.  And that is not the first time James has cried about the sniffles, either.

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