It’s always interesting when John Stamos appears on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show, and today was no different.  Howard did a phone interview with Stamos, his long time friend, who was in California.  The topics?  Stamos love life, Howard’s recent trip to Los Angeles, and a controversial “Hollywood” party thrown for Howard by funnyman Jimmy Kimmel.

Howard took issue with Stamos’ actions regarding comedy legend Don Rickles, who despite thinking he was close to Kimmel, was not invited to the party in Howard’s honor.  Howard said that Stamos made Kimmel feel bad over the Rickles snub, and implied that Kimmel is now obsessing over it.  Stamos told Howard he wanted Kimmel to know that Rickles was going to ‘hammer him on the air’ for the snub, when Rickles appears on Kimmel’s show next week.  Howard also said that Rickles and Kimmel aren’t friends, but Stamos assured them they were good friends.  At that point, Robin broke in and said, “so does that mean Jimmy has to invite Rickles to everything?”

Stamos then said, “Robin, do you have to back up Howard on everything?”

Howard criticized Stamos’ party ettiquette, and repeatedly said that Stamos doesn’t like when small time celebrities or people “who aren’t good looking enough” are at parties, and said that Stamos was angry at Kimmel for inviting Survivor host Jeff Probst, who Howard announced that Stamos doesn’t like, and doesn’t consider a star.  Stamos backtracked laughing, and said that Probst was “my guy” and that the two work out together regularly.

The conversation then turned to Stamos’ girlfriend, who Howard described glowingly, and then battered Stamos in true Howard Stern fashion about the state of their relationship.  Howard asked, “are you guys exclusive?”‘ and Stamos replied with a non answer, saying that she was “the nicest, sweetest person in the world.” 

Howard responded, “I think you overdosed on pussy.  A regular guy would never let that girl out of his sight.  At what point do you settle down?”

Stamos said that he was almost 50 and wanted a family and kids, but that he needed to take some time off and “figure out what’s wrong with me.”  Howard then told a story about when he told Stamos he was seeing Beth, and Stamos supposedly replied, “you know she’s not the one, right?  She’s not gonna be the last one.”

Stamos: “I never said that (laughing).”

Robin, Fred and Gary all chimed in, telling Stamos that to be in love takes a little work, and Gary recalled a story about when John Stamos took him on a tour of the set of ER.  Gary said that on the tour, every woman Stamos introduced him to he classified by the way Stamos’ spoke of them.  “If John said she was nice, that meant he slept with her.  If he had some sort of problem with her, she wouldn’t sleep with him.”

Stamos cut off Gary by saying, “aren’t you staying at my house this weekend?”

Then Fred and Stamos argued about love and relationships, and Stamos told Fred to “shut up” and that Fred always hammers him, citing Fred’s opinion that Rebecca Romijn, Stamos’ ex, was not a super model.  Howard said that Fred was worried that Stamos might sleep with his daughter some day, and Fred said “absa-fucking-lutely not.  I’d break his knee caps.”

Stamos replied, “I’d like to see you try.”  Howard then mentioned that John Stamos was a black belt in martial arts.

Stamos is a wildly entertaining guest who has an excellent rapport with Howard.  His appearances on the show are a highlight.  In past interviews, Stamos revealed that he and Howard smoked weed together, and that when he was married to Rebecca, Howard, Beth, Rebecca, and himself had all stripped down to their underwear after a night out in Manhattan.

Once again, Howard treated the faithful to excellent radio.

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