Above is pictured a girl’s roller derby club, a sport with a cult following in many parts of the United States.

You didn’t think 4 wheel roller skates with stoppers were around anymore, did you?  Well, I got an education recently when I called my cousin, Mr. White, and asked him what he was doing, hearing a lot of noise in the background.

I’m working.


A roller derby.


I didn’t know roller derby was a thing these days–but I am not about to mess with any of these girls who say it is.  And then there’s a couple of thousand fans who turn out to watch these girls mix it up.

Mr. White made an excellent video about the Gold Coast Girls, which you can see at the link below or check out on www.youtube.com:


In addition to roller derby having a following in Florida, a quick search showed that roller derby is established in many states, Arizona, Connecticut, and Texas, to name a few.

And if you’re interested in checking out some info about a legend of the sport, “Babe Ruthless”, then follow the link below about Texas Rollergirls.


Below is a list of some of the best names in roller derby right now:

Abracastabya Palmetto — State Rollergirls
Amber Waves of Pain — Windy City Rollers
Angela Slamsbury — Gotham City Roller Girls
Apocalypse Frau — Capital City Roller Rebels
Ashley Thudd — MTL Roller Derby
Audrey Hipburn — Palmetto State Rollergirls
Aurora Gory Alice — Albany All Star Roller Derby
B. F. Skinnher — Hudson Valley Horrors
Babe Ruthless — Arizona Roller Derby
Bash-kin Robbins — Ohio Roller Girls
Barbie Got Back — Rockford Rage
Battlestar Kick Asstica — South Jersey Derby Girls
Betty Aim Fire — Emerald City Roller Girls
The Big Kapowski (Ref) — Tornado Alley Rollergirls
Big Trouble in Little Gina — Brewcity Bruisers
Bruise Lee Rat — City Rollergirls
Busty Rhymes — Palmetto State Rollergirls
Bitch Cassidy — Tucson Roller Derby
Buttersnatch Sundae — Maine Roller Derby
Block-n-Deck-Her — North Star Roller Girls
Cassius Slay — Salt City Derby Girls
Grrrl Haggard — Humboldt Roller Derby’s Redwood Rollers
Joan of Dark — Naptown Roller girls
MaHellYeah Jackson — Rockford Rage
Knuckleberry Finn — The Oly Rollers
Laverne N. Surly — Dutchland Rollers
Leave it to Cleavage — Sonoma County Roller Derby
Libido Loco — Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Lola Piranha — Dixie Derby Girls
Lord of the Rink — River Valley Roller girls
Lucille Brawl — Texas Rollergirls
Mazel Tov Cocktail — Broward County Derby Girls
Meshuggah Walls — Emerald City Rolle rgirls
Osteo Ferocious — ManchVegas Rollergirls
Pee Wee Hurt’em — Arch Rival Roller Girls
Raquel Squelch— Derby City Roller Girls
Rinkwraith — Fox Cityz Foxz
Seven Year Bitch — Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Titty Titty Bang Bang — LA Derby Dolls
Weird Al Spankabitch — Nashville Rollergirls

My personal favorites are “Laverne N. Surly”, “B.F. Skinher”, and of course, “Big Trouble in Little Gina.”


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