Scarlett Johannson

Season premiere tonight on HBO @ 9 PM, pushing Treme (below) back to the 10 PM slot…

The Tudors (above), tonight @ 9 PM on Showtime.  Only 2 episodes left…

Breaking Bad’s season 3 finale tonight at 10 PM on AMC.

Mad Men’s season 3 finale, 2 AM on AMC.

Scarlett Johannson (above).

Esquire editors revealed that Scarlett Johansson and not Christina Hendricks, was the first choice for their May issue, “Women We Love.”

At a recent magazine conference in Toronto, Esquire editor in chief David Granger was fielding a question from the audience when he let slip that the choice, redheaded temptress Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” fame, was not the first pick for the cover of “Women We Love.”

That honor went to Johansson, Granger admitted, before adding: “Scarlett completely screwed us.”

Still, we are delighted by the outcome, and the eventual selection of Hendricks, who is well deserving of the honor.  Take a look at her pics:

And remember, Mad Men returns for its 4th season on Sunday, July 25th.

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