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Rodney, Stu and Tim (above).

HBO’s comedy lineup will receive a much needed boost in December when one of our absolute favorites, “The Life and Times of Tim” returns, and what we are sure will be a new favorite, “Angry Boys”, written, directed, and starring Australian uber talent Chris Lilley, makes its American television debut.  Like the internationally acclaimed and award winning Lilley product “Summer Heights High”, which HBO debuted for American audiences in November of 2008, “Angry Boys” is shot in the mockumentary format, and features 2 characters previously portrayed by Lilley in his first major television self production, “We Can be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year.”  

Summer Heights fans should not be disappointed that none of the characters that Lilley portrayed in that series, Jonah, Ja’mie, or Mr. G are reprised in Angry Boys.  Lilley often revisits his characters and those characters frequently pop up in subsequent works, as do Daniel and Nathan Sims, who debuted in We Can Be Heroes and are now reprised in Angry Boys.  Lilley’s Ja’mie of SSH also debuted in We Can Be Heroes and Lilley often performs on stage and in stand-up as the illustrious Mr. G.  Angry Boys, which debuted in Australia in May, features an array of Lilley characters including an African American rapper, with a juvenile hall for the backdrop. 

If you are thinking that Jonah Takalua would have made a perfect inmate, we can almost assure you that he wasn’t needed.  Lilley is receiving much flack for the controversial behaviors he portrays in Angry Boys, notably the racial slurs employed at the juvenile facility.  We think Lilley should be commended for revisiting comedic boundaries and for being a champion of free speech.  Angry Boys will debut on HBO on December 5th, 2012.

When season 3 of The Life and Times of Tim returns to HBO, we are not sure if our old friend Tim will have his job back at Omnicorp, but if we had to wager, we’d bet that Tim does reunite with best friends Stu (Nick Kroll) and Rodney (Matt Johnson), and the boss (Peter Giles).  Only in Steve Dildarian’s vast imagination personfied by the life of Tim could we find Rodney’s wife having an affair and knocked up by Islanders forward Petite Guy LaBelle (Andrew Daly), Stu having night terrors about among other things, the ’86 Mets, and Tim’s boss, who has never taken the subway before and who thinks the oncoming train is some sort of underground serpent/monster.

Dildarian has given us so many great moments and lines, whether they be out of the mouth of Tim’s hedonist, womanizing priest (Rick Gomez), a pharmaceutical rep who got into that business when the owner of a pharm company grabbed her in a bar and said, “with an ass like that, you should be working at my drug company”, or from a random member of the crowd at a press conference for the female fire fighter who “saved” Tim’s life, who shouts at Tim that he’s a “frail fuck.”  Or who could forget Tim’s co-worker, played by Bob Saget, teaching Tim the ins and outs of an expense account when on a business trip to Cincinnati?  “You know how I expensed a brick of Cocaine?  Trip to Kinko’s.”  In fact, we couldn’t understand HBO’s reluctance to greenlight The Life and Times of Tim for season 3, which was actually briefly cancelled last summer by HBO until FOX began making overtures at Steve Dildarian in the hopes of bringing Tim to their networks.

Hopefully HBO has begun to realize that they are in no position to be dismissive of a talent like Dildarian after passing on AMC megahits Breaking Bad and Mad Men, inscrutably cancelling Deadwood, and failing to bring back Da Ali G Show for season 3.

The Life and Times of Tim will return in late December.

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