Tiki Barber

Jenn Sterger (above), who has yet to inform the NFL as to whether she will cooperate in their investigation into Brett Favre’s sexual misconduct.



NEW YORK — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the league is looking into the allegations by the website Deadspin.com that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sent inappropriate messages and photos via cell phone to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger when he played for the team in 2008.

“We are going through that and we are making sure we understand all the facts,” Goodell said at halftime of the Chargers-Raiders game, according to ESPN. Goodell said once the investigation is complete, “we’ll make a determination from there.”

There is a possibility Favre could be suspended, just ending a consecutive games streak that is at 288 right now. Just to clear up a point, according to the story, if Favre is suspended under the personal conduct policy he would have 10 days to appeal the suspension and it would not be enforced until the appeal is heard. However, the announcement of any suspension would be made as soon as Goodell makes a ruling.


So as the NFL looks into Favre’s penis pic and hick drawl come on to Sterger, a Jets’ team masseuse has come forward against Favre, and she claims she has emails, texts, and voicemails of a lewd nature from Favre.  It sounds true.  Especially when we hear it from the married masseuse’s husband.

“He was looking at me like I was a hanging slab of meat,” the woman told The Post.

The woman confessed to her husband immediately about the unwanted flurry of attention.

But the star quarterback allegedly contacted her the next day — the first in a seamy stream of phone calls, “e-mails and texts from Favre saying, ‘Why don’t you and your friend come over . . . I have all these bad intentions. ” according to her furious husband.

“I called Favre back myself,” the hubby said. “I was looking for an apology.”

But he didn’t get one. “I feel like this guy tried to screw my [expletive] family,” the husband said. “He’s a [expletive] scumbag.”


Amen brother.  Sounds like this guy won’t have a problem talking to the league about Favre’s conduct either.  And what about Favre’s ugly redneck wife?  How badly is she twisting in the wind?  Favre probably never got turned down when propositioning cheesheads back in Green Bay, but he comes to New York–the big time–where his act, honed in the sticks, doesn’t play.

By the way, isn’t it an actual crime to send unwanted pictures of your sex organs to people?  After the Viking vicodin addict receives some type of punishment for being the “fucking scumbag” he is, hopefully his wife divorces him and takes all his dough, Tiki Barber style.




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Tiki Barber (above).

Tricera Revolution, a company that runs a chain of cycling fitness centers is suing their former spokesman, Tiki Barber, who left his pregnant wife for a 23 year old intern at NBC and former Barber babysitter, for $ 1 M.

Tricera Revolution, which operates Flywheel Sports in Manhattan and Sag Harbor, claims the jock-turned-broadcaster’s value as a face for the company was “rendered worthless overnight” with the revelation in April that he ditched his pregnant wife for a former intern at NBC.

“The reaction among the company’s clientele to Barber’s affair has been overwhelmingly negative, especially amongst the business’s core clientele, 25-55 year-old women, many of them married with children,” the suit says.

“Numerous customers have made statements to the company’s representatives condemning Barber and questioning the company’s dealings and continued involvement with him.”

Flywheel honcho David Seldin last year offered Barber a spokesman’s gig and stock in the company, the suit says, because the former Giants great and Ginny Barber were a “happily married, celebrity couple who were known to attend indoor cycling classes together.”




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Disgraced legendary NY Giant RB Tiki Barber (above).

Tiki Barber, who left his longtime wife and mother of his 4 kids for a 23 year old intern at NBC, can not afford to pay his recent divorce settlement, various sources are reporting.


Barber — who ditched his wife of 11 years, Ginny, for 23-year-old blond former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson — claims his career is in tatters and that he has taken a huge financial hit since his estimated $300,000 NBC contract ended.

Barber has not been on the air in many months — but sources said his contract was only formally terminated in May.

Network insiders said “Today” show bosses secretly ended their deal with Barber due to a hidden “morality clause” which specified that stars must not be involved in public scandals.


Publicly derided for leaving his then-eight-months-pregnant wife Ginny for 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, Barber now claims that he is broke and can’t afford a divorce settlement.

According to Page Six, Barber insists his career is in the gutter since losing his $300,000 network contract with NBC.

Barber hasn’t been on the air in many months — but sources said his contract was only formally terminated in May. Network insiders said “Today” show bosses secretly ended their deal with Barber due to a hidden “morality clause” which specified that stars must not be involved in public scandals.


Barber felled by the old morality clause.  So ironic.

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The Barbers…

I always knew there was something really distasteful about Tiki Barber.  First of all, if you’re a football player, then be a football player.  I don’t care to hear about these guys who are ultra Christian, and thanking God every two seconds.  In Barber’s case, it was worse than that.  Barber, a graduate of the University of Virginia was lauded coming out of college for having the highest character and ethical disposition.  These possible draft picks are held up to the magnifying glass by prospective teams, especially possible first round picks, and I have seen guys who were literally dominant between the lines drop like stones because they had taken a puff of marijuana or because they scored too low on some test like the Wunderlik, which would have no bearing, say, on Percy Harvin’s ridiculous speed or Randy Moss’s all world athleticism, or Warren Sapp’s ability to get into the offensive backfield.

But Barber didn’t have those problems.  In fact, if some guys aren’t smart enough, Barber was too smart.  Too many heartfelt, touching stories from him on the eve of the draft.  He’s an identical twin, you know?  And him and Ronde, his twin brother had been together all of their lives, and can’t you practically cry Tiki a river now that he would be making millions of dollars but would not be on the same team as Ronde?

And college, except for being with Ronde and setting pretty much all of UVA’s significant offensive records, and graduating with all of these honors and being a Rhodes Scholar, in addition to a celebrity athlete was really no fun at all because for Barber, it was all work and study.  But he must have been pretty popular with the ladies, they would say to him.  Check that–for Barber it was all work, study, and prayer because he was a virgin and sex was this blessed event between two married people and he was a devout Christian who would be abstinent until he got married.

Tiki Barber, star running back, star student, and star Christian.  And didn’t the New York Giants eat all that shit up–the storied, serious New York Giants–their owners, the Mara family, all about God, and crack cocaine and card games.  Did you know that’s why they own the team?  Because they won it playing poker.  Or that they won their first Super Bowl largely on the strength of Lawrence Taylor’s coke induced superman style heroics?  The Giants always love a solid citizen.  But that would never stop them from drafting a football player, like Christian Peter, a violent rapist who could fill for them a depth role as a backup on the defensive line.

Barber was the man for them, though.  They saw in him a football player who could give a nice interview, who was always ready to offer a well said sound bite, and who they could always hold up as the ideal Giant–a family man who did not have premarital sex.

Back to Barber as abstinent.  Most boys work very hard to lose their virginity.  And then here’s this football star announcing that he isn’t going to have premarital sex.  Sorry, but that’s not normal.  And it never sounded right.

Barber had all world talent on the field, but well into his career, he still had a problem holding on to the football.  And any coach worth his salt would tell you that fumbling is unacceptible, no matter what.

If you fumble my football I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts, and then you will run a mile!

You will remember coach Boone’s famous speech from Remember the Titans.  Well, Tom Coughlin, who came to the Giants with a reputation that would make coach Boone look like a player’s coach, made it a priority, his first priority, upon taking over the team, was curing Barber of the drops.  He changed they way he carried the football, and often spoke publicly of how important it was that Barber change this part of his game.

If anything, Barber was resentful.  Coughlin had cured Barber’s fumbles, and under his guidance, Tiki Barber became one of the top players in the league, and a probable hall of famer.  Barber has never publicly acknowledged or thanked Coughlin for improving his game, and in fact, was vocal on a few occasions when Coughlin’s job was on the line.  Barber, a natural player’s spokesman, was quick to trash Coughlin for being too tough on guys and for treating players like children.

Barber had a public dispute with teammate Michael Strahan, which divided the team.  When he retired, he took parting shots at Eli Manning, calling his command in the huddle “comical” and further insulted Coughlin’s coaching style.  All the Giants did that following year without Barber was beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl, led by Manning, who beat the Patriots in the 2 minute drill with all the pressure on his shoulders.

Ask the Patriots if they thought it was funny.  But I thought it was hilarious.  It was great.  the Patriots lost, and Tiki Barber, the Rhodes Scholar, got to watch his old hard ass coach lead his old knucklehead team to a historic victory and a visit to the White House, while Barber yucked it up with his giant head and stuffed shirt/pocket square look with a bunch of talking heads on daytime television.

It turns out that Tiki and his twin, Ronde, aren’t so identical.  Ronde has a Super Bowl ring, for one, and he didn’t go from publicly abstinent to fucking his baby sitter and leaving his 8 months pregnant wife.

If it’s what Barber wanted, then good for him.  If he wanted to quit on football one year before he got a ring, and if he didn’t wanna have sex, and is now throwing his marriage away over it, and if he likes trashing people who only wanted the best for him, and to campaign for them to be fired, then he’s been pretty successful, overall.  Below, is Barber’s 23 year old babysitter/lover.  Not bad, but he didn’t have to wait 35 years for it.

That’s the real Tiki Barber, not some perfect poster boy in a Giants jersey.


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