Vincent Basciano (above).

Vincent Basciano, one time boss of the Bonanno crime family, or “Vinny Gorgeous”–a nickname he earned because he owned a hair salon in the Bronx called “Hello Gorgeous” and because of his reputation for having a meticulous appearance, may dodge the death penalty for the execution of a mob associate because the judge in his case feels that carrying out the capital penalty would be too costly.

That same judge, Nicholas Geraufis, was just one name on what the government feels was a hit list that Basciano drew up and was found in his cell.  Basciano claims the list was part of an Italian ritual to bring him good luck.  I’ll say…

Known for his impeccable appearance and groomed silver hair, Basciano, also called “Vinny from the Bronx,” had allegedly run the Bonanno crime family briefly after boss, Joseph Massino, was arrested in 2003. Massino turned informant and secretly recorded Basciano allegedly talking about a plot to kill a prosecutor, officials said.

Basciano has been held in solitary confinement in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center for the last two years after authorities found an alleged hit list targeting Garaufis and a federal prosecutor. Basciano had said the list was a Santeria ritual to thwart conviction.

Noting that Basciano’s defense has already cost the government more than $3M, Geraufis believes that number will greatly increase if federal prosecutors push for the death penalty.

Basciano is already serving a life sentence for a prior conviction, and has been in solitary for 44 months since the alleged hit list was found.

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