Wayne Odesnik

American tennis pro Wayne Odesnik (above).

The American tennis community is shaken tonight with the news of world #114 Wayne Odesnik’s 2 year ban from the game by the Internation Tennis Federation, for being caught with human growth hormone, and for transporting it to Australia prior to the 2010 Australian Open.  The ban comes on the eve of the French Open Championships, likely Odesnik’s best chance to make a splash at the majors due to his grinding baseline style of play.


Odesnik claims he never used the drugs he possessed, and that he had no idea that using them would constitute a doping offense.  The ITF, perhaps the strictest sports association when it comes to PEDs, did not have any failed tests for Odesnik, though it is very possible that Odesnik was taking an undetectable hormone.

As to the claim that Odesnik had no idea the drug was outside of the rules, we would call that defense an obvious, insulting  lie.  The ITF should be applauded for its strict policies, which have done more to promote a level playing field in tennis than say, the NFL or Major League Baseball does.

Looking at Odesnik’s slight frame must be a lesson to the public that steroids don’t necessarily make a person bulky.  We are going to operate under the assumption that Odesnik is dirty, as the proof was in his suitcase, and the burden to us, now lies on Odesnik to prove otherwise.

The most shocking part of this story is that Odesnik is not even a good player.  He has a fledgling career at this point and has struggled to make the 128 man field at major tournaments.

Be a clean athlete,

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The lovely wife of Mardy Fish who is now 2 spots from being out of the top 100.

Let me start be re-instating my original proclamation.  Mardy Fish is an embarrassment to American tennis.  And so is his good buddy, James Blake.  Yes, I have lauded Blake for hiring Craig Boynton who has done massive things with John Isner, no pun intended.  But is Blake’s move away from Bryan Barker too little, too late?  Blake dropped 19 positions in the rankings, from an already awful # 51 to a completely awful # 70.  Am I too hard on James Blake?  No.  Blake has as much talent as any man in the game but Roger Federer, and has wasted what could have been a wonderful career, opting instead for the “waste of God given talent” tag.  Since I have a lot of guys to get to, I am going to be brief with Blake for now, and limit this to his biggest technical problem, that, if corrected, could see him rise again.  Blake stopped winning when he stopped holding serve.  Forget the facts that Blake has got to be the dumbest Ivy Leaguer this side of George Bush and has never not once thought his way through a match on the professional tour, and didn’t win a 5 setter until he was 27 years old.  James?  Practice your serve!  Or go get a job on Wall St. or join the miserable hack announcing team at ESPN, except of course for John McEnroe and Mary C.

Can he improve this late in the game?  Stranger things have happened.  For example, I recently watched Ivan Ljubicic win Indian Wells.  But I am going to go out on a ‘limb’ and say no.  If Blake had a different mental makeup, I’d answer differently.  As for Mardy, he’s been up and down the rankings list before, and will probably rise again.  But # 98?  That is terrible.  Rajeev Ram  is # 90.  Good for RR, and we like him very much, and he does have a title on his resume more recently won than Blake or Fish (Newport, 09, grass), but Ram is a career doubles player who doesn’t have anywhere near the talent of Blake or Fish.  But Ram (below), who was ranked # 203 in March of 09, must be commended for the improbable win and his steady climb in the rankings, to a best of # 78 in November.  We also have a lot of respect for the way Ram has done it, with serve and volley tennis, no less, the foregone art.

Fish is also 13 places back of # 85, awful American Michael Russell (below).

Querrey stays put at # 22, after winning his 1st clay tournament on Sunday–the first European tournament since Roland Garros in 1991 to have an all American final (Courier-Agassi).  The rankings can be cruel, as in this case, with Sam Q.  John Isner also stays put at # 19, and the pair look like the real deal going forward for American tennis. 

The realest deal we have is of course Andy Roddick, this week’s # 8 in the world.

Jessie Levine (yes, I said LevEEEEN) is up to # 118.

Terrible Taylor Dent checks in at # 106.

Wayne Odesnik, # 113, with a chance to win a round or two in Paris.

Donald Young, our favorite young American, at #146, up 12 spots but double his career best # 73.  Hang tight DY!

Brendan Evans, # 254.

Ryan Harrison, # 257.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com)