Willie Nelson

The herbal-aire 2.1 (above).

In 2006, a study performed by researchers at Leiden University, tested a vaporizer with preparations of pure THC and found that:

“Our results show that a safe and effective cannabinoid delivery system seems to be available to patients. The final pulmonal uptake of THC is comparable to the smoking of cannabis, while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”

That’s really all it took for me to invest 249.99 on an herbal-aire (2.1) vaporizer.  I don’t know if Leiden University is a real school, it may be owned by some huge conglomerate of vaporizer manufacturers to put out this kind of press release.  I was just looking for validation with some whiff of credibility; I have been a consumer of marijuana for about 20 years.  I have been hard-wired to consume Mary Jane only 1 or 2 ways: smoked and eaten.  I’ve been smoking weed since the first time I laid eyes on it; and let me tell you, it was love at first sight.  I had heard all the stories about vapes, and they’ve received almost mythical esteem, but they started to sound like an urban myth.  I had no direct contact with someone who owned a vaporizer, only friends of friends.  You do something long enough and it is ritual, I was about to make a sea change.  No more buying dutches or papers, no more breaking up the herb—rolling was kind of like a meditation.  Colm Meaney’s character Gene in Layer Cake cleans guns…I roll joints.

So I did my research, visited a High Times January 2009 issue in which they reviewed vaporizers of all sizes and prices.  Initially, I had my hopes set on the Volcano.  The Volcano is the Rolls Royce of vaporizers, handcrafted German workmanship, lifetime guarantee, however the Volcano mimics the Rolls in price as well as quality.  I couldn’t justify spending 6 to 900 bucks on something; I’d have no money left over for weed. So, from what I could gather, the herbal-aire offered the closest to the Volcano in performance, at a third the price.  It took about 3 days to get here, thanks to Amazon’s expedited shipping, but in those 3 days I got all of the joint rolling out of my system and I never looked back.

The benefits are far reaching.  There is the obvious health benefit of no longer inhaling smoke and with it any of the toxins that piggyback on the cannabinoids.  There are also economical benefits.  Because you are not losing any of the THC goodness to the burning process and the atmosphere (if you smoke you take in less THC than does the air around you) your bud goes a lot farther. A lot.  Needless to say, the herbal-aire has already paid for itself because I am getting high on half as much weed.  My second week, I was compelled to bake a delicious batch of Mr. White’s 7 gram brownies (recipe available upon request) because I had extra. 

 I will say this, if you are a regular or heavy user you know that most of us build up a tolerance to the stuff—you can only get so stoned.  The first time I vaped, I blew right past that, but I did build up another ceiling.  I think that’s only natural.  And sometimes I miss smelling my fingers, especially if I’m stuck in a classroom or some other place where sparking up would not be tolerated.  But I do not regret the purchase, not for a minute, and I urge all those who are curious to visit one of the many vaporizer web sites and get one you can afford.  Send all thank-yous to Mr. White, care of Crackbillionair.

Be Good, 

Mr. White.

Willie Nelson, above, lighting up a joint.  This month Willie told Howard Stern on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show on May 4th, 2010, that he no longer smokes joints.  Instead, Nelson uses a vaporizer to inhale cannabis vapors, a healthier way of ingesting cannabis.

I smoke occasionally.  I’ve switched over to the vaporizer….since I switched over to the vaporizer, the vaporizers are better for your lungs.  You don’t inhale any heat, you don’t inhale any smoke.  You only get the vapors.

The vaporizer is better for your lungs, sure.


Here is a picture of Mr. White’s vaporizer, the Herbalaire, 2.1

I am hoping that Mr. White can make an entry which specifically explains the device that saves marijuana, and more importantly, our lungs.  As for Willie…

Howard: Did you smoke any weed this morning?

Nelson: Yeah.

Howard: You already smoked today?

Nelson: I did.

Howard: What kind of schedule are you on with weed?

Nelson: I don’t have a schedule.

You go, Willie.

Be Smart,

Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com)