Woody Johnson


After the Ravens’ 28-13 win, Suggs absolutely unloaded on New England, telling Yahoo! Sports, “Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl. Arrogant f—-ers.”

He then directed his ire toward Bill Belichick, even bringing up the Pats’ championship dry spell since SpyGate.

“These are the most arrogant p—– in the world starting with (coach Bill) Belichick on down. … ever since SpyGate they haven’t been able to win.”’

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/suggs-ravens-lb-curses-patriots-article-1.1243825#ixzz2Id9FZMfZ



Buh buh blam blam!!!!  Word!!  Funny, real, and true.

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Michelle Ryan, a.k.a infamous youtube foot porn poster and swinger site regular ihaveprettyfeet (above).

Hopefully soon to be ex-Jets’ coach Rex Ryan’s dumb slut wife’s www.footloversdating.com profile:

  ihaveprettyfeet’s Profile Last logged in:  Dec 22, 2010  
Personal Details
Age: 45
Gender: Woman
Looking for: Man or Woman
Location: ellicott city, maryland, United States
Pictures loaded: No Pictures
Videos loaded: No Videos
About myself: love to tease with feet
Basic Information
Marital Status: Married
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Religion: Christian
Languages: English
Referred by: Email Message
Physical Appearance
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Height: 5′ 2″ (157 cm)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Body Type: Slim
Body art: Pierced…but only ear(s)
Best feature: Feet
Weight: 98 lbs (44.5 Kg)
Sense of humor: Clever: Nothing’s better than a quick-witted comeback
Exercise: Inconsistently
Daily diet: Junk Food
Smoking: No, never
Drinking: Just socially
Living situation: Live with kids
Have children: Yes – at home full-time
Want children: Yes
Professional Life
Education: Graduate degree
Employment status: Homemaker
Current annual income: I’ll tell you later
Job schedule: Homemaker
Hobbies: I’ll tell you later
Sports: Aerobics, Baseball, Dancing, Football, Golf, Running, Swimming, Walking / Hiking, Weights / Machines, Yoga
Favorite things: salad
Last reading: dickens
Common interests: Shopping / Antiques


First lady of the Jets, kids!  A regular fucking Jackie O!  Dating while married, just like JFK.  Woody Johnson, if you’re listening, please part ways with such pitiful trash.  By the way, go check out www.deadspin.com for the latest in “hilarious” foot fetish videos–for non Jets fans, of course.  Yeah, in one she’s got her nips hard and you can catch her in a pair of black panties while she waves her feet at the camera.

Then there’s a 3 minute, 47 second clip of her where she’s reading a paperback on a couch, then kicks her shoes off and starts massaging her toes through panty hose, and then wriggles her feet for a while, and then flexes her calfs for a bit. 

Then we got her in one with a beer bottle on another hotel couch, another with a pair of reading glasses on and a hard cover, wriggling some pink pumps, and another outdoor job–11 minutes, 14 seconds–while she massages her feet on what looks like the Ryan back porch.

No disrespect to swingers or foot lovers intended at all.  What makes this horribly wrong is that it’s connected to the Jets, and once again, while the Jets are preparing for an important football game, they are made to answer questions about a dumb coach or a dumb whore.



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Jets’ coach Rex Ryan’s wife Michelle Ryan, or as we suspect, banned youtube member ihaveprettyfeet (above).

The indignity never ceases with the New York Jets.  Fresh off a stunning, season saving win over Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, and what may have been a career saving win for the Jets’ 2nd year head coach, comes the news, along with video evidence that Rex’s wife may be a notorious foot fetish video internet poster, and more disturbing we guess, that it seems Rex has played camera man/off camera co-star to his pretty footed wife.

We wish we were making this up.  We prayed it was made up.  But upon seeing the video, we at least, have zero doubts.  And what’s worse?  Dolphins fans were first to the news reported by www.deadspin.com, adding insult to the injurious and pathetic loss to the Dolphags we suffered at home last week in which we dropped but could not score a touchdown.



See for yourself:

This May Or May Not Be Rex Ryan’s Wife Making Foot-Fetish Videos (UPDATE)

This May Or May Not Be Rex Ryan's Wife Making Foot-Fetish Videos (UPDATE)There’s a celebrity in the foot-fetish world who posts videos with titles like “Hot Mature Sexy Feet.” The videos feature a woman who looks like Jets coach Rex Ryan’s wife, Michelle — and, in one, a man offscreen who sounds like Rex.

A few years back, YouTube user “ihaveprettyfeet” — who shares a number of personal characteristics with Michelle, though we’ll get to that later — made a series of videos, apparently starring herself. In them, her feet, whether in stockings or shoes or simply bare, are always prominently displayed. An attractive older blonde, “ihaveprettyfeet” became hugely popular, to the point that when YouTube banned her account for terms of service violations, devotees took to message boards to wonder where she’d gone.

Her videos have been reposted by others on YouTube, and with so many followers, it was only a matter of time before one of them happened to be both a Jets fan and a Deadspin reader, too. We received a tip from one such person that “ihaveprettyfeet” was the spitting image of Michelle Ryan, wife of maybe the most popular coach in the NFL. “At least a twin sister,” the tipster said. Michelle Ryan doesn’t have a twin sister, but judge for yourself.

This May Or May Not Be Rex Ryan's Wife Making Foot-Fetish Videos (UPDATE)

We were told by one source that if this is Michelle Ryan, there’s no way Rex knows about it. But listen closely to the voice of the cameraman. Multiple viewers, including a YouTube commenter, have observed that it sounds an awful lot like Rex. Now, we’re not into feet or anything, but if that is indeed Michelle, and that is indeed Rex, well, more power to the both of them. Like many, many people out there, Rex is just in love with his wife’s feet. Shit, it’s almost romantic.


So Tom Coughlin locks himself in a dark room for 2.5 hours after a bad loss and RexRyan goes off and makes some foot porn?  I’m gonna fuckin’ puke.  Deadspin goes on to say that ihaveprettyfeet toned down her internet act in mid 2009, around the time that the Jets’ were seriously considered making Ryan the head coach.  And the good folks at www.deadspin.com also have ihaveprettyfeet, then of Ellicott City, Maryland (Rex came from the Ravens), as a registered member of a swingers dating site.  Woody Johnson’s donating stacks to Mitt Romney; he is not going to enjoy the continued shenanigans one bit.


I need to throw up a few times and then plunge myself into great white shark infested waters.  If I survive, I’d respectly request a tractor or tank run me over.  I know it’s true.  Rex talks so much, I could tell his voice anywhere.  This is like Death and the Maiden for me when I heard Rex’s voice–I became Sigourney Weaver.

Don’t worry Jets fans.  Sure, it was hard to top getting trounced by the Pats 45-3 in terms of embarrassment, but of course, the Jets have limitless embarrassment potential. 

The fire Ryan/hire Gruden petition will be together soon, but in the meantime, I’ll be needing a grenade to stick in my mouth.  They dare bring more ridicule to this poor franchise.

I can’t abide.  She does have pretty feet for a 47 year old though!

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To get a resolution to Darrelle Revis’ 5 plus week long holdout, the New York Jets signed the all-pro cornerback to a new deal on September 6th, despite Revis’ having three years to go on his rookie contract, which wasn’t exactly a bad deal for the player.  The Jets ponied up a 4 yr/ $46 M contract to their disgruntled star, with a whopping $32 M guaranteed, despite the player having absolutely no negotiating leverage beyond his greatness, and his agents’ ability to scare the Jets by scaring the fan base that the league’s only true lockdown corner would not be in uniform came game 1 against Baltimore.


I am always pro player in money disputes with management, in football and hockey especially.  In those sports, careers can go by in a blink, and management, in general, would have no qualms about turning the table on a player who has given heart and soul to the team, once his play starts to decline.  In football, where the money is not all guaranteed, teams are the most cold hearted when it comes to cutting ties.  Football is the only sport where players actually give back money to their teams, or renegotiate their contracts on the team’s terms, if they feel their team may cut them and force them to uproot their families if the player does not comply. 

Good for Darrelle.  He got his money.  Did he exploit the Jets?  Absolutely.  Did Nick Mangold need to do so to get his new $ 57M contract?  No.  Will David Harris need to pull a lengthy holdout to get paid?  That’s highly doubtful.  Woody Johnson has 27 billion dollars.  Everybody’s going to get paid.  Again, I favor the players.  But when I heard that Darrelle Revis was stopped on Friday doing 80 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, and the excuse he gave, the whole Revis situation, in mind, had to be resivited, with no praise forthcoming in Revis’ direction.

Updated: Friday, 15 Oct 2010, 6:13 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 15 Oct 2010, 6:13 PM EDT

(NewsCore) – New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis was ticketed for speeding and careless driving by police in New Jersey, the Newark Star-Ledger reported Friday.

Revis was reportedly pulled over Thursday in Livingston, northern New Jersey, as he headed to nearby Florham Park, where the Jets’ facilities are located.

He was driving 81 mph in a 40 mph zone, according to the Livingston Municipal Court.

Livingston Police Capt. Jeffrey Payne described the traffic stop as “uneventful, normal.”

Since he was traveling more than 40 mph over the speed limit, Revis will have to appear in court Nov. 4 before resolving the issue.

“I’m not a speedster; I was just trying to get here to work,” said 25-year-old Revis, who is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game at Denver because of a hamstring injury.


Sorry if I am especially sensitive to this issue, but my wife and daughter were in a serious accident at the hands of a careless, wreckless, speeding driver.  And Revis, trying to pull out a common man’s excuse, that he was late to work, is greatly deluded.  First off, Revis was 36 days late to work.  He doesn’t really get to be late to work, after that, after having $32M in guaranteed money bestowed on him. 

No one ever said these guys were smart.  Obviously, Revis, as smart as some may feel he is, a defensive coordinator on the field and whatnot, is football smart only.  We are about 3 weeks removed from Rex Ryan publicly calling for the Jets to stop “being that team” and stop embarrassing their owner with knucklehead decision making away from the field.  Should he have benched Braylon Edwards?  Never.  And he was right on that, and so were we.  We needed him to win, we need to win, therefore, the player must do what he is paid to do: play.  The courts dispense justice, not the Jets. 

I hope the Jets play Revis, as I am sick of hearing about his hamstring, which he hurt because he did not attend training camp.  And I hope he actually contributes this week to their passing defense.  Last week, the Jets hid Revis from Randy Moss, and Revis still got burned by Percy Harvin, and on one play, was tossed to the turf by Harvin like a rag doll.  Revis might be the best Jet–when healthy–but he hasn’t been healthy, and that can be squarely attributed to the player’s greed.

So Revis?  Get to work early.  You are paid well enough.  And do everything right, the way Braylon Edwards has done since getting in hot water.  Because if it’s not about your football greatness and the glory you bring to the New York Jets, then we are all sick of hearing about you.




Tough game for the Jets today in Denver.  They suck on the west coast, historically.


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Braylon Edwards in green and white (above).

New York Jets’ star receiver Braylon Edwards, acquired in a trade with Cleveland last year, was arrested on Monday morning in New York City after blowing a .16 on a breathalyzer exam.  

New York Jets star wide receiver Braylon Edwards told a police officer he’d been partying and drinking before being pulled over in his luxury SUV, but he suggested letting him leave the car and go home, prosecutors said as he was arraigned Tuesday on drunken-driving charges.A solemn Edwards was released without bail in a case that could compound his legal troubles while he’s on probation after a fracas in Cleveland last year. He declined to discuss the drunken-driving arrest as he left a Manhattan courthouse, thronged by reporters.

Defense lawyer Peter M. Frankel said Edwards was exhausted and focused on getting back to his team.

“Obviously, this is very difficult for him,” Frankel said. “Without question, absolutely, he understands the seriousness of the situation, and he is committed to getting back on the football field and doing what he does best for the Jets.”

A breath test showed Edwards had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit after he was stopped on Manhattan’s West Side around 5 a.m. Tuesday, prosecutors said. Chief police spokesman Paul Browne said officers on the lookout for such violations as overly tinted windows stopped Edwards because his Land Rover’s windows were too dark and then noticed a strong smell of alcohol.


Luckily for Edwards and the Jets, the team is willing to facilitate Edwards’ weary man wishes.  Jets’ brass, consisting of Woody Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, and Rex Ryan said earlier tonight that Edwards, who the Jets will need on Sunday night, will dress but not start on Sunday, and will see game action at some point.

Thank God.  No one said he wasn’t a complete fool and a reckless criminal.  That’s not why he’s here.  He’s here to play football.  He punched Lebron James’ friend?  Very odd.  But here we are, discussing the wrongs of an NFL player, of all things.  Take his license away.  But he does have to play in Miami Sunday night.  He isn’t here for the Jets to discipline him, though it would seem warranted, especially after two stupid taunting instances on Sunday in the end zone, and one unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.







It’s a judge’s job to punish the man.  And when that judge adjudicates the matter, I will stand with whatever Goodell’s suspension for Edwards is.  But not until then.



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Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress shakes hands with Brett Favre (above).

According to ESPNEWS and Yahoo.com, several Vikings’ players have told sources that Brett Favre waivered so much about his latest comeback because he “doesn’t trust Childress” and because Favre thinks that the coach “doesn’t know anything about offense.”

The back story on Brett Favre and his return to the Minnesota Vikings — and you knew there would be a back story — is that Vikings players are losing respect for their coach, Brad Childress.

To no one’s surprise, Favre is one of these players.

“Brett thinks Childress has no clue about offense,” a Vikings player told Yahoo’s Jason Cole.

Multiple players echoed that, according to Cole’s report, and the issue was a bigger factor in Favre’s decision to play this fall than his gimpy ankle.

“Brett just doesn’t trust him,” a player said.

In early July, Favre indicated to a teammate that he was likely to play, but, after a Childress visit to Favre’s home in Hattiesburg, Miss., on July 19, Favre began to reconsider. After a visit from teammates Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell earlier this week, Favre decided to return for his second season with Childress in Minnesota.


Is anyone surprised?

I mean, a standup guy like Brett Favre, recently marred by the flap over him texting a picture of his penis to former Jets’ sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, trying to get his head coach fired after just announcing his comeback this week?


Sounds about right for super hick, Brett Favre, the one time vicodin addicted good old boy who blasts country music in the locker room, who allows his cotract negotiations to be handled by a guy named “Bus” (Favre agent Bus Cook), and who we recently learned is a pervert and could-be sex offender.

Favre pulled this whole routine, basically to the letter, when he was here with the Jets, and frankly, I think any Jets fan would readily tell you they were very happy to part ways with him.  The first stage of Favre makes you happy, because you wouldn’t have him if he wasn’t an upgrade.  But when things start going wrong, he takes on more responsibility–he’s notorious for changing play calls at the line of scrimmage, but then looks to blame others, like his coaches.  I could see why he didn’t like Mangini–Mangini was against making the move to acquire him.  But for Favre to expect us to believe that he would have been fine with ceding his starting role to Kellen Clemens when his arm was hurting in 08, but that Mangini essentially ordered him to play is ridiculous.  Favre has started a million consecutive games.  That’s because he wants to play.  Favre took painkillers so that he could play. 

Then, even as Favre threw pick after pick that killed the Jets down the stretch in 08, the Jets’ management, desperate for a marquis quarterback, fired Mangini in the hopes of retaining Favre, despite the 3 ring circus he leads.  Here was the Jets’ reasoning with regard to Mangini: we either have to give him a new contract because he’d be a lame duck otherwise, or fire him, and since he lost the last 5 games and started 7-3 and failed to make the playoffs, firing him makes more sense. 

By then, a lot of players had come out in opposition to Mangini, and we heard whispers that Woody Johnson himself was miffed at how little emotion Mangini showed on the sideline and in meetings.  While Mangini left a lot to be desired, he was the most successful coach in Jets’ history, believe it or not.  Also, we hear that he was downright verbally abusive to players, which doesn’t sound like a guy who never becomes animated.  Ryan seems to be a better fit for the Jets, and it is very nice to have the number one defense, which Ryan and Pettine have engineered.  But firing Mangini was also going to make them more attractive to Favre, they were hoping, when faced with having a weak Kellen Clemens as your alternative.

Childress brought Favre in, and he will have to live, and probably will die with a guy who conducts his own separate training camp at a high school in Hattiesburg.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com, www.crackbillionair.com)

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