UnknownFocused freshman Jakarr Sampson (above).

So Georgetown was looking tremendous at 10-0, and then they lose a hearbreaker by a point at Marquette, and then come home and get blown out by 28 by Pitt.  One minute they were looking like a potential final four team, and then scant days later, they were in a daze.  Really, it was no more than a case of ‘welcome to the Big East schedule’, as they are really a fine team, and are as likely as anyone to get on a run to the final four.  But see then, they rolled into Madison Square Garden for an 11 AM tilt with the Johnnies, and they outclassed St. John’s at that time, and again, we were not surprised that St. John’s were road kill.  Also, they always seem to struggle in those off time starts, and everyone is so excited to play in the Garden, and the whole thing was a recipe for disaster.

Today they face up again at 4 PM on NBC, and since these teams would likely be the foundation of a new Catholic, no football conference next year, and since they represent very storied basketball cultures, perennial programs and such, from big markets to boot, it is a very, very big game.  We always like the team a little bit more that got blown out last, even if they are on the road.  Well coached college teams have pride, like these teams.  As Georgetown illustrated in that first matchup.  And St. John’s is certainly a different club than they were 3 weeks ago, on a 5 game win streak with a fully integrated Jamal Branch, who, if anyone’s noticed, has been an important leader during that stretch.  And he’s a national guy.  As his back court mate, the pulse of the team, who like Branch is from Texas, and who helped recruit the close chum to Jamaica.

Hopefully today, we will see a national guy like Jakarr Sampson throw down more major dunks today, and more full court blocks, running guys down like a healthy Darelle Revis.  And Dom Pointer, another national guy, maybe makes a big 3 in a 3rd straight game, and hopefully a few more put back slams.  These players all should be sufficiently motivated to play in games that will be televised in the families’ living rooms, and 3 of the 4, excluding Harrison, have probably never had that opportunity while playing so well.

We expect a game today.


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