Brett Favre can add a new title to the infamous list already in play for the vicodin addicted redneck coach killer penis texting begging Jenn Sterger for pussy and masturbation videos while retiring and unretiring and leaving his bible banging wife and family hung out to dry and propositioning Jets’ team masseuses.  Tonight comes word that his siter was busted in a residence in Mississippi where mehtamphetamine was being manufactured:

Police say the 34-year-old sister of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre faces drug charges after she was arrested in a raid on a Mississippi condo where people were making crystal methamphetamine.

Maj. Matt Karl of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that Brandi Favre was among five people arrested in Diamondhead. He says she will be charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generating hazardous waste.

Karl says about nine grams of the drug — worth about $1,000 — was recovered and hazardous materials teams had to clear the condo.

Brandi Favre is in custody and has an initial court appearance scheduled Thursday morning.

So please add ‘sister’s a gib head/chilli cook’ to our roll.

I wonder why we are not surprised in the least by this ‘news.’  Happy?  That’s a different bag entirely.  BTW, I thought Brandi Favre was a dog’s name.  Go figure.  She better call Saul.

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