A Green Pikachu Pokeball, believed to be adulterated (above).

Stop the presses.  A bad Pokeball report has finally been submitted to www.pillreports.com, by way of pharmanightmare in California.  Let’s go through the report and see what we can learn.

Green Pikachu  
Date Submitted: August 7, 2010, 12:22 am GMT
Last Updated: August 7, 2010, 2:07 am GMT
Submitted By: pharmanightmare
Name: Green Pikachu
State/Province: CA – 714
Logo: Pikachu
Colour: Green
Shape: Round
Edges: Smooth
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: The color is a really dark green and the logo if the pikachu is also hard to see.It’s pushed in so you would have to look at it rather carefully to see it.When I bit it, it felt like it crumbled pretty easily.From reading the descriptions about the other Pikachus, I believe that it contains MDMA and PCP.
Suspected Contents: Piperazine
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I’m going to give a good detailed report on this stuff.First all: Stay the heck away. These things are dangerous. The guy who I got it from said he rolled 10 hours on 3. I rolled about 5 on 1.5. I’d say not.. normal.I got these August 3 in the 714 area.8/3 11:30pm – I took 1 with my friend who also took oneBy about 12 I was coming up and by 1 I was peaking. It was pretty intense. It was a good trip and the empathy was amazing. Right now it sounds good, but keep listening.

8/3 2am: I bite another half, I thought to myself this stuff is really bitter but also why do I taste sourness and sweetness when I bite it.

By 4am I’m still going, but by 430 I start to come down. But I’m still jittery as mad and at this point I start hallucinating a little bit. I looked at a screw on the wall, but I thought it was a spider.

This is when I knew we were in trouble. This has happened to me once before taking orange dolphins but those… were much worse and another story.

So by now both of us are coming down and I start to feel some sharp stomach pains. They didn’t hurt a lot they were just there. My pupils are still huge and dilated and bouncing around like crazy.

The come down was terribly long and harsh. When I tried to stand up I’d feel dizzy and disoriented and almost feel like I’m going to fall over. This continues until about 11am the next day… 12 hours after the first pill.

I drive home and eat. At around 3 I’m finally able to sleep a little bit. That night I sleep fine for about 11 hours.

By now I think the problem is over, not quite the case.

August 5th 12am about 48 hours post exposure: I go to sleep early because I’m still a little tired and my hands are still kind of jittery. I wake up at 3am to the worst nightmare I’ve had in maybe a decade. I dreamt that I was infected with something that some sort of alien being had control over, the being would activate it and I would be writhing with pain. Similiar to what I believe a shock collar would feel like. It felt so real that the pain actually lingered a little bit when I woke up.

From 3am until around 9am I couldn’t really sleep. My heart was pounding harder than usual and my thoughts were racing on their own. Usually when you think to yourself you hear it in your own voice, but I heard random things being said in someone elses voice, eventually it became my own voice again, But I felt like I had no control over what was being said at times. I almost felt like I was going schitzo, a VERY VERY scary feeling. Everytime I’d try to fall asleep which would take only a few minutes I’d be thrown into another scary dream that I’d force myself to wake up from.

It’s been about 66 hours and I still feel it a little bit from time to time in my hand.

From reading the descriptions about the other Pikachus, I believe that it contains MDMA and PCP.

Not quite, pharmanightmare.  We think you’ve confused PCP and piperazines.  The experience you had sounds likes pipes all the way.  Worst nightmare in a decade?  Do you keep a journal?  Anyway, we believe this is a bunk pill but not necessarily a Pokeball from the illustrious Pokeball outfit.  It just doesn’t look right to us, whereas it does make sense that some counterfeit Pokeballs would start popping up out west.





















We know real Pokeballs are adulterated, just not with piperazines.

Be Careful,

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