White Sunflowers

Red Equal Sign Mint (above).

What several heads are unequivocally pronouncing the best Ecstasy in the nation–the Mint franchise, which seems to be operating out of Chicago–has dropped three new pills on the scene: Grey Equal Sign Mints and Red Microdot Mints out of Chicago, and Red/Pink Equal Sign Mints, which our friend bigslam420 in Iowa enjoyed in a most unique way–with deer steak!

Let’s take a look at bigslam420’s most interesting trip report, recently filed with www.pillreports.com

Red Equal Sign =  
Date Submitted: December 17, 2010, 2:15 pm GMT
Submitted By: bigslam420
Name: Red Equal Sign =
State/Province: Ne IA
Logo: =
Colour: Red with red specs
Shape: Round
Height: 3 mm
Width: 7 mm
Texture: Hard pressed, Chalky
Edges: smooth, slightly beveled bottom
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Was made to test this pill out my friend gave me one and told me to test it out. Heard these were Mint man rolls. So I prepared.
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: First off to the other red =s out there the reports are right on Most enjoyable roll i’ve had. Tasted and looked similar in color even to some of the recent rock molly i had. SUPER BITTER.

4:20-Smokin a bowl an friend tells me to test it out. Tarted during our bowl.

4:45-Started just rattling couldnt shut up. Jammin to sum tunes feelin it coming.

5:20-Boom I felt it in my face and my legs. Couldn’t stand my legs were jello. Best feeling ive had off a roll.

6:20-Called my ride up from my friends to come and get me an bring me to the bar and i got a couple sodas.

7:20-The Rush is finely warring off feeling really spacey right now.

7:30-Reach my vehicle. Smoked a cig with my buddy an then parted ways drove home.

8:00-Made it home just fine still feeling really spacey yet up and focused.

8:30-Ate some deer steak just fine felt good still just very spacey an still could talk for hours

9-1am- Layed in my bed watched movies spaced out just up texting my girl an a few other friends still the urge to talk.

1:20 or so Passed out. Good night sweetheart ;]

Great rolls 15/10 love you mint man. green A’s are my next to test

bigslam420?  When you talk about testing a roll, you make scientific types think that you are going to actually test the roll, and not sample it.  Anyway, we are getting the idea.  The loud support for Mints of all sorts coming from the Chicago area are heard very clearly here.  It’s not to say NYC has nothing going for it right now because that’s not true.  We are getting a lot of MDMA powder here right now, and real G Spots keep popping up, and at 395 mgs, and unadulterated, we can’t see as how Mints half the size are better.  Especially since we have tried Orange and Blue G Spots and are very impressed.

But the arguments from the Chicago contingent, which is vehemently proud of its local product, are right on.  There are several fake G Spots here, and there doesn’t seem to be any fake Mints.  And we understand that pride very well.  Personally, I am still singing the praises of White Sunflowers and Big Number Ones, MDA pills that set this scene on fire and virtually controlled it from approximately 2002-2006. 

Here are the links to the other reports on the new Mints mentioned above, that unfortunately, we have yet to see pics of.  We are especially curious to see the Microdot Mint, though we are fairly sure it looks like the Bowling Ball Mint, except with only 1 dot.  Still, Microdots were big pills here in the scene about 10 years ago, and since the name pays homage to LSD, they have our attention.

http://www.pillreports.com/index.php?page=display_pill&id=24444 (Red Microdot)

http://www.pillreports.com/index.php?page=display_pill&id=24452 (Grey Equal Sign)

And here are some links to Mints we have followed throughout the course of this page:

















One word of caution to the Mint makers: a few months back, I received a suspicious comment from someone looking for Mints in Chicago, and I totally, 100 % feel that it was the D.E.A. soliciting.  If you are interested in seeing the comment and my reply, just go through the comments.  But it was very shady.  Watch out for stupid people, feel?  Hate for anyone’s good thing to end like that.

Be Smart,

Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com, www.crackbillionair.com)



Blue Batman Pokeballs, whose authenticity were challenged by bonkers90 in Arizona a few days ago, which we questioned, are likely impostors, in which case I will have to tip my cap to two heads–bonkers90–and a reader of our page whose comment greatly enlightened us.  Take a look:


those batmans are fakes. the line is way deeper and the dot is fatter. also the batman stamp is different from the legit white ones. this stamp is the new dark knight logo. still good beans tho


The intricacies described by twizzler in the quote above probably are proof that they are impostor Pokeballstwizzler is unlikely to have gotten such details wrong if he is the sort to go so far as studying the the width and position of the line and the size of the dot on the under side of a Pokeball.  We had some very coveted pills here a few years back, MDA pills called Ones and Sunflowers.  Believe me, if you didn’t examine them carefully, you’d be stuck with bogus ones.  I knew people who were way high in the game who caught fakes.


Of course, twizzler’s other remark was also quite valid.  The logo is a different Batman logo.  Fortunately, for twizzler and bonkers90, they’re “still good beans.” In addition to a piperazine Pikachu, we have now seen 3 or 4 probable knockoff Pokeballs.  It was inevitable, for such a popular brand of Ecstasy, and it’s only getting started.  If we are correct in the assumption that Pokeballs are being minted in Mexico, then the counterfitters are likely also in Mexico.  Mexico is the nearest place where criminal enterprise has such easy access to the precursor chemicals safrole and piperonal. 

I would think that in light of the ease of operation in Mexico these days, that many ops would be popping up, and many of them would be faking Pokeballs because they are all anyone wants right now out west.  They’d still be faked profusely even if Pokeballs were only popular in California.

So here’s a warning for Pokeball lovers to be extra careful.  Though it still amazes me that they are so popular, and yet they are adulterated with caffeine.












Inspect those rolls very thoroughly, west coast.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com, www.crackbillionair.com)

“Seest a man diligent in his calling, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men.”


This page is not yet five months old, and already, we may boast of a few things.  More people have come here to read about Ecstasy than used the NYC homework helpline in 2009-2010.  We are proud to have all of you.  Especially those pill reporters who took the time to test or sample their pills, or both, and submit their findings to www.pillreports.com, and then took more time to come here and make comments about their experiences, or to exchange a kind word.

There was steamroller, who famously plugged a Blue Pokeball and then hopped in his car for a drive from Los Angeles to San Diego.


chemlover out in Texas who we must thank for reporting and testing from an important area to know about–a border area where we know a lot of pills are coming from.


And how could we forget Florida’s most diligent and meticulous tester, the great kaspk, who not only has time for Pill Reports and for us, but who also videotapes his test results and youtubes them?


That’s just to name a few.  We have to thank all of you, because whatever it is that we’ve put together on this little page is being noticed.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted by www.dancesafe.org’s president, who likes what we do over here, and he asked me to join forces with Dancesafe and do some writing and some analysis of Ecstasy, to track some trends in Ecstasy, to track certain pills, and obviously, to reduce harm in our community.  To put the relationship between Dancesafe and Crack in some perspective, I would refer you all to the incomparable Special Ed’s lyric, about the finder and the founder (“You was the finder/I was the founder/I was around a/long time ago”).

It is an enormous honor for me to be recognized by Dancesafe, undoubtedly the most important institution in our scene there has ever been.  I was practically a kid, going to www.dancesafe.org multiple times a day, debating about my MDA pills (Sunflowers, Ones) fervently, or checking out other pills, or just scrolling through pics of pills and trying to familiarize myself with their chemical composition.  I even made a close friend through Dancesafe–perhaps the friend I respect most–on Dancesafe.



How’d that happen?  We were arguing about pills, of course.  If I never had any association with Dancesafe after that, I’d say I had won big, because friends for life don’t grow on trees.  But Dancesafe’s kid, their little boy, who would still be at Sound Factory at this time 10 years ago, or at mixed night at Limelight, is all growed up.  And for some reason, the institution has taken notice, of little old Crack and his Pokeball and Quebec amp updates, and our breakdown of www.ecstasydata.org’s lab results.





It’s not like we don’t have our own credentials either, forgive the lack of humble speak.  I have sat in Dr. Shulgin’s living room on Mount Diablo, and watched black hawks soar through the Shulgin’s skylight, while Sasha showed us his picture albums–looking at photos from house parties of Timothy Leary and Oscar Wilde’s sons, among others–while the Dr. asked me questions I am still contemplating 6 years later.  When I started this page, it was partly with a wildly selfish intent–to promote my writing, and the film company of my partners and me, a little outfit we call Formula 411.  Dr. Shulgin is one of our projects, Terry Singeltary Sr., the world’s foremost researcher on CJD and pryon disease, is another.

Of course, I am a bit of a historian on the New York underground–proudly so–and my fiction is defined by realism and my crystal clear memories of New York’s scene, from the 1990’s on, and it is funny and disturbing as hell.  I am very honored to bring my New York City roots to Dancesafe, and promise to represent my underground hardcore, while learning and analyzing your underground–particular talents of mine.

Hey, I can barely set an alarm clock, and straight up, I am a scientific layman, but I will analyze your pills and data every which way, so that you know exactly what you are dealing with.  My pleasure.  It’s my calling–I’ve always said it was, and now at my advanced age, when I should be thinking about golf or some shit, I am still dissecting pill reports.  Don’t get the idea that this particular layman is going to be bad for your knowledge of the scene, and that my reports won’t be chock full of information.  And Dancesafe’s, and my own scientific experts vett these reports so that any layman issues come to you with a distinguished expert’s polish.

Please follow the work that Dancesafe and I do in collaboration, as well as the work that each site does independently.  Note the links in our right panel, and take advantage of them.  The essence of Formula 411, my essence, is that of the greatest heroes of our past–the ones who put it on the line for the common good, who weren’t afraid to have a voice, despite however “illicit” the cause might seem to some–like Franklin, Voltaire, and Shulgin.

While I possess neither the wit or intellect of any of those men, I do possess a similar spirit when it comes to fighting for and preserving our rights.  Dancesafe is a vital resource to the community, and the loss of any such resource would we be a clear danger to the scene.  With your help, Dancesafe isn’t going anywhere, and now Crack has been given an invite to the party.  To their credit, they have rolled out the red carpet for me so far as well, helping me along greatly and welcoming me to an enormous degree.

Look for our maiden voyage together very soon, as I have analyzed the latest www.ecstasydata.org’s lab results for Dancesafe, and it will go up early in the week.  First there, and then here.  But this collaboration is a monumentous one in that we are both totally comitted to stamping out bad pills, and speaking for myself, to put pressure on makers to come up with a better and more diverse product for us.

With the help of some friends, we’re going to shine the spotlight at the issues plaguing the scene.

Word, Solomon.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com, www.crackbillionair.com)